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Hello, I'm Sara

I am a certified hypnotherapist (CHt) and Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

My aim is to assist you in liberating yourself from limiting beliefs and outdated habits, enabling you to live life with ease and authenticity.


I am committed to helping others find the value within themselves.

My Story

For over 15 years, I was a highly accomplished Human Resources leader working for top brands including Norco Bicycles, Hootsuite and Starbucks.

In those roles, I had the opportunity to work with diverse teams, deal with complex employee relations issues, and facilitate organizational change. My ability to connect with people and create a positive work environment earned me a reputation as a trusted ally to staff, management and senior executives.

During this time, my passion for personal growth and wellness led me to become a Reiki master. This ancient Japanese technique helps my clients restore balance and improve overall well-being by redirecting the flow of energy throughout the body.

As much as I enjoyed my career in HR, I decided to follow my intuition and pursued training in hypnotherapy. As a certified hypnotherapist, I bring a unique perspective to my practice. Through our sessions, clients have been able to let go of limiting beliefs, relieve stress, find inner peace, and increase their confidence in their personal and professional lives. I take the time to truly listen and connect with each individual, using my skills and intuition to tailor each session to their unique needs.

My dedication to my work is fueled by my desire to help people achieve their full potential. I am a compassionate and effective communicator who genuinely cares about my clients' well-being.

With my open mind, compassionate nature, and professional experience, I am a trusted guide on your path to self-discovery and personal growth.


Let's connect.

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